Model# 108SD-W  8’ Tripod

  • Extra wide base is almost 6” wider than our standard model.
  • Additional flair increases stability keeping workers feeling safe.
  • Additional bracing and reinforced step for added durability and strength.

Some of our customers have been exploring the use of shorter ladders in their operations, especially for use in pruning. The most popular choice for those downsizing has been the 8’ “SUPER DUTY” tripod. The workers seem to like the lighter smaller ladders however miss the added stability the larger wider ladders provided. After receiving several request an 8’ was designed with an extra wide base and  additional reinforcing providing a bigger ladder feel without the extra height. Add additional red safety step and our third leg retaining cable options for one of the safest ladders we have ever built! The wide base design is currently available in our 8’ “SUPER DUTY” only.

Why should I buy a Strathmore Ladder?

Whether you’re a large commercial user or a homeowner with a few fruit trees in the backyard you will be glad you bought a Strathmore Ladder. 100% US sourced materials, US made, we don’t cut corners at the expense quality. Our ladders are comfortable, durable, and stable. The time tested designs will provide you unequaled longevity. Simply put they are built to better, built to be the best.


The ladders were developed with the hope of creating a more “Worker friendly” platform from which to harvest. They were inspired by a customer interested in ongoing research being done at a local UC in ag ergonomics. They feature specifications that are only fractionally different than existing designs but may prove to reduce worker fatigue over the course of a days work. At last check research and testing were still ongoing.

The ag steps pictured were requested by a customer working in trellised orchards. They were using a generic brand folding step stool meant for construction applications. Although they liked the overall dimensions it was clear these ladders were not a good fit for ag use. They needed to be durable which meant a better grade components and a non-folding design. Since the ladder would be non-folding they needed to nest for easy transport and storage. They also needed additional reinforcing and feet that were appropriate for field use. What do you need? Give us a call!


Used in years past for harvesting apples and cherries, point top ladders are available for an additional charge on any of our 200 “SUPER DUTY” ladders. The ladders pictured above were custom manufactured for a customer harvesting dates. They were designed with a wider based for added stability, which was needed to accommodate their larger size.


The ladders pictured were named for us by an enthusiastic customer years ago. The “STAR CLIMBER” ladders were a request by a gentleman in New York that really liked our tripods but needed one modified for use with his large telescope. He liked to travel with his telescope and attend  star gazer festivals and events all over the US. To do this he needed a stable platform to look down through his eyepiece located over 6’ off the ground. His complaint with our standard ladder was that the standard steps were too far apart. Depending on where the telescope was positioned, he may have to hunch down or stand on his toes to get the right look. He theorized that if the steps were spaced closer together he would have more options on where to stand. So we built one for him, he took it with him on his travels and before long more people were calling. Our Star Climbers are available special order on any standard size “SUPER DUTY” tripod we make. The steps are placed 8” over center instead of the standard 12” All ladders come with additional reinforcing and a cabling system to prevent the third leg from slipping out. They are very rigid, stable, and durable. Please contact us for more information including pricing.

tripod ladder
tripod ladder

Ladders built to meet your needs!

We manufacture a variety of special purpose ladders. Modifications of existing models or your own design, let us know how we can help.